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Cornell Program on Applied Demographics

Census 2020: What State and Local governments need to Know


Census 2020 related web pages focused on New York

This page will contain links to information about 2020 related activities in New York State


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Block Counts and NYBBLES

  • Block Counts

    In preparation for Local Update Census Addresses (LUCA) the Census Bureau made address list counts available. These counts represent the number of residential and group quarters addresses in each Census block. These counts can be compared with local address listings. The counts are available here and more information can be found on the Census Bureau LUCA page

  • NYBBLES - New York Block Browser LUCA Evaluation System

    The Cornell Program on Applied Demographics analyzed data from the Real Property Tax Services (RPTS) and produced block counts based on that data. NYBBLES enables a comparison of these RPTS based block counts and the Census Bureau address list counts. It also shows the detailed RPTS information underlying the block counts.

Workshops and Webinars

Local Update of Census Addresses (LUCA) Webinars
Technical Webinars for LUCA 2020, organized by the Geography Department of the New York Regional Census Center

Topic: The Geographic Update Partnership Software (GUPS)

Topic: Digital address list/Digital maps - GIS users

Topic: Paper address list/Paper maps

Topic: Digital address list/Paper maps


Last modified: February 19, 2018