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Cornell Program on Applied Demographics

Census 2020: What State and Local governments need to Know



Local communities benefit from accurate Census counts. It is important for representation, funding and knowing who lives in the community.

Partnership Porgrams

The Census Bureau has the lead in reaching out to people and encouraging people to respond, but wants the help of the local communities in these communications. To this end partnership programs between the Census Bureau and local representatives are set up to both inform the local representatives about the Census operations and help those local representatives to prepare communication materials. The Census Bureau also uses these partnership programs to coordinate efforts between local communities. More on Partnership Programs

Hard to count populations and the Planning Database

People in some communities are more likely to respond than others. Areas that are less likely to respond could benefit from communications very focused on the people there. To that end the Census Bureau has developed a database with neighborhood characteristics that are related to the likelihood of a low response. More on hard to count populations and the planning database

Last modified: February 2, 2018