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Cornell Program on Applied Demographics
In cooperation with the New York State Center for Rural Schools

Data download

Download all yearsDownload only last year of data
Demographics_all.csv Demographics_2021.csv (2021/2022)
Enrollments_all.csv Enrollments_2021.csv (2021/2022)
ELAMATH_all.csv NOTE: Very large file! ELAMATH_2020.csv (2020/2021)
graduation_all.csv graduation_202106.csv (2021-6)
regents_all.csv regents_2015.csv (2015/2016)
apm_all.csv apm_2014.csv (2014/2015)
FARU_all.csv FARU_2019.csv (2019/2020)
Subgroups codes

Please note that Year in the data files refers to the beginning year of the school year. E.g. 2010 refers to 2010/2011 school year.