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Cornell Program on Applied Demographics
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New York Agricultural and Food System Data

Data for 

Recent trends

Data from selected annual time series and past Agricultural Censuses

Latest Ag Census county profile

County Profile from the 2007 Agricutural Census (opens in a new window)

PAD County profile

A PDF-document with a collection of recent demographic, social, economic and agricultural data (Compiled by Cornell Program on Applied Demographics, 2013). For more demographic, social and economic data goto Data -> NY Counties

Crop Maps

State and County maps for a variety of crops. Based on 2010 Cropscape data

Local food

Addresses and information about local food access points

  • Tompkins County Farmers' Markets (opens in a new window)
  • Compare Tompkins County with a few other Counties

    Compare recent trends

    Compare data from selected annual time series and past Agricultural Censuses

    Compare all Counties

    Display statistics on a choropleth map

    An interactive map with selected County statistics

    Table with annual trends on a single statistics

    Compare trends for all Counties

    Latest data on a few statistics

    A sortable table with data on a few selected statistics

    State wide resources

    State wide trends, maps, overlays, other online resources