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Cornell Program on Applied Demographics

PAD Activities

Focus on demographic analysis of New York State, its regions, communities and neighborhoods.

New York State Data Center

As a coordinating agency and with funding from the New York State Department of Labor these activities include:

  • Research, evaluation and production of population estimates and projections.
  • Represent New York State in the US Census Bureau's Federal-State Cooperative Program for Population Estimates (FSCPE) and Projections (FSCPP).
  • Supply the Census Bureau with key inputs required for annual estimates of county and municipal population and housing.
  • Work collaboratively with the Census Bureau, New York State Data Center, and New York State Office of Information Technology to improve and continuously update the Census Bureau's Master Address File - the key file used as a frame for the American Community Survey and for managing the 2020 Census.
  • Provide technical training and assistance on demographic and spatial analysis matters to state, regional and local planning agencies.
  • Develop maps and spatial analytic visualizations of Census information in support of the New York State Data Center.
  • Maintain a web site with demographic and economic data for New York areas.

NY State Center for Rural Schools

  • Maintain a web site with demographic and student performance data for New York school districts.
  • Project School District enrollment.

Other cooperations

In the past we have worked with State agencies, local governments, non-profit organizations and others to supply them with demographic analyses. Please contact us if you are looking for a partner to provide you with insights in demographic trends for your area of interest.