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Cornell Program on Applied Demographics
In cooperation with the Community and Regionale Development Institute (CaRDI)

New York Minutes

The New York Minute is a bi-monthly one page overview of research and outreach on important and emerging community and economic development issues. The Minute is published by Department of Global Development, previously by the Community and Regional Development Institute (CaRDI). Since September 2012 the Program on Applied Demographics is involved in this publication. All NY Minutes can be found through here.

Issue Number Date Title Additional data
95 April 2021 Changing Definitions for Core and Urban Areas: Federal Funding Eligibility Impacts
94 Januari 2021 Are NYS hospitals overloaded with COVID-19 patients?
93 October 2020 Unemployment Trends across New York State: The Impact of COVID-19
92 August 2020 Census 2020 Response Rates Across New York State
91 May 2020 Mapping Vulnerability across New York State: Risk Factors for COVID-19
90 March 2020 Renewable Energy Production Trends in New York State
89 January 2020 Highlights of NYS Agriculture in the Latest Ag Census
88 November 2019 Conducting a Fair & Accurate 2020 Census in NYS: Mapping Hard to Count Communities
87 August 2019 How Do New Yorkers Travel to Work? Differences by Age
86 April 2019 Changes in Median Home Values in New York State, 2009-2017
85 December 2018 Patterns of connectivity in New York State: Households with computing devices and broadband internet
84 October 2018 Trends among older and younger populations in New York State
83 August 2018 The Impact of College on Young New Yorkers’ Occupational Status
82 June 2018 Foreign Born Immigrants to New York State: Arrival Year, Country of Origin & Citizenship Status
81 March 2018 Which Generation is more "Connected"? A Regional Snapshot of New Yorkers
80 January 2018 Comparing Millennials to Baby Boomers in New York State
79 November 2017 Opioids in our Communities: Drug Overdose Deaths in New York State
78 June 2017 Exploring Job-to-Job Flows In and Out of New York State
77 April 2017 Data Profiles to Better Understand Your Community
76 February 2017 Planning for the 2020 Census: Counting New Yorkers Where They Live
75 November 2016 New York’s Prime Working Age Population: What are the Trends?
74 September 2016 Why Some New Yorkers Don’t Vote
73 May 2016 The Gender-based Wage Gap in New York State
72 March 2016 Income Inequality in New York State Tables
71 January 2016 Assessing Geographical Patterns: Are New York State High School Graduates “College & Career Ready”?
70 November 2015 Student Characteristics: Are New York State High School Graduates "College & Career Ready"?
69 September 2015 Fertility Rates Vary by Age and Income in New York State, Part 2: Regional Patterns Charts
68 July 2015 Fertility Rates Vary by Age and Income in New York State, Part 1: Trends over Time Charts
67 May 2015 NYS Communities and Changes to the American Community Survey
66 March 2015 Community Impacts of Severe Winters
65 January 2015 Language spoken at home, English language proficiency and occupations in NYS Tables
64 November 2014 Ebbs and Flows, Deaths and Births: Natural Increase in NYS Tables
63 September 2014 Back to School with Farm to School in NYS
62 July 2014 Housing Affordability in New York State Tables
61 May 2014 Women Farming in NYS: Trends and comparisons over time
60 January 2014 Volunteering in NYS: Building Community Capacity
59 November 2013 A Snapshot of SNAP: Changes in Program Participation & Benefits County data
58 September 2013 How Healthy is YOUR Community?
57 July 2013 NYS local government: Where does the money go? Table
56 May 2013 Origins and Destinations: Movers to and from Upstate New York Table
55 March 2013 Characteristics of movers to and from Upstate New York Table
54 January 2013 New Yorkers and Energy Consumption Table
53 November 2012 New York State's Farmland Table
52 September 2012 New York's Diverse Latino Population